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Taro Hildebrand - Founder and Head of Sales

Taro Hildebrand
Founder and Head of Sales

Taro Hildebrand is founder and Head of Sales of buypackaging. Born in Hamburg Taro studied business administration with a focus on logistics, industrial management and marketing. During a supply chain management project at Lufthansa Technik Logistik GmbH in Hamburg and Frankfurt Taro was able to gain valuable experience. He then worked another two and a half years at the Flemming Dental AG in the department for Technology & Innovation before he came to etventure, the parent company of buypackaging, to write his diploma thesis. In his thesis Taro empirically analysed the effects of different communication and marketing strategies on the use of web-based services. After his successful graduation Taro is now principally involved in marketing, sales and corporate development at buypackaging.

Philipp Depiereux - Founder and Advisor

Philipp Depiereux
Founder and Advisor

Philipp Depiereux is founder and advisor of buypackaging. Since the company was founded, Philipp has been primarily responsible for the strategic direction, company development and business operations of buypackaging. Philipp studied international business administration in Germany, France and the USA. After his studies, he spent five-years working as a Management Consultant in a consultancy firm for medium-sized companies, focusing on strategy, marketing and sales. After a year, he founded his own management consultancy for small and medium-sized companies and developed the business for 5 years. Following his consultancy work, Philipp restructured a packaging manufacturing company (250 employees, €90 million turnover, 2 sites) as Managing Partner, developing it from a commodity film manufacturer into one of the leading manufacturers of sustainable consumer packaging and biofilms in Europe and successfully disposing of parts of the company that were not part of the core business. At the same time, Philipp was a member of the executive committee of a European bio-plastics association. At the end of 2010, Philipp sold his shares in the package manufacturing company and the following year, founded etventure. In 2011, etventure subsidiary buypackaging was founded.

Tobias Kimmig - Product Manager

Tobias Kimmig
Product Manager

Clemens Teubel Designer

Clemens Teubel


In addition to the team mentioned above, numerous IT developers from etventure Seed Investments GmbH work on the buypackaging project. A number of pilot customers and pilot plastics manufacturers have been involved in the product development process from the start and continue to support buypackaging.

The Idea

buypackaging.com is a product of packagingtenders UG (limited liability). The idea for the packaging buying portal buypackaging.com arose in mid-2011. The initiators and instigators of the concept, Philipp Herrmann and Philipp Depiereux (both founders of etventure Seed Investments GmbH), realised that there was a need in the market for an online platform to simplify existing purchasing and sales processes in the field of packaging commodities.

By greatly simplifying these processes, time savings are achieved on the purchasing and the sales side. It also expands the horizons of the purchaser in terms of his suppliers. By integrating over 1,000 (film) packaging manufacturers on the platform, new suppliers with new packaging materials and innovative manufacturing techniques are easily identified. By integrating international packaging manufacturers, cost savings in packaging procurement can also be expected.

With buypackaging.com, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging materials have the opportunity to identify new national and international customers with no sales expenditure and to gain new customers following a successful price bid and conclusion of the delivery contract. With buypackaging.com, it is quick and easy for manufacturers to offer for sale any surplus capacity.

In the first version of the platform, it is possible to source packaging films via buypackaging. The inclusion of other packaging products, such as metal packaging, paper and corrugated cardboard packaging, glass and rigid plastic packaging is also planned.

It is also planned to localise buypackaging as it is rolled out internationally.

The vision

The aim of buypackaging.com is to become the leading platform for the purchase of packaging materials by companies.

Business approach

It was very important to the founders of buypackaging.com when developing the business approach and payment model of buypackaging.com to find a business model that is accepted by both purchasers and sellers of packaging materials.

With the buypackaging.com payment model (1.99 euro cent (net price) per kilogram of packaging for which bids are invited), based on average packaging turnover, the procurement costs are less than 1%*.

Use of the platform is free for manufacturers if their bid is not accepted. Manufacturers only pay a platform fee when their bid is accepted via the platform.

On the purchaser side, purchasers only pay a fee if, having received more than two bids in response to their bid invitation, they do not accept a bid via buypackaging.com. If they accept a bid from a manufacturer on buyackaging.com, they are exempt from the bid invitation costs and the manufacturer who was awarded the contract is liable for the platform fee.

* Example: With a film sale price of €1.60 / kilogram and procurement costs via buypackaging.com of 1.99 euro cent per kilogram (net price), the commission of buypackaging.com is approx. 0.93%.