The purchasing tool for purchasing packaging films

1. Simplification of existing purchasing processes

  • buypackaging is as easy to use as other websites you visit every day.
  • You can log in from any computer, create and change products within a short space of time, start bid invitations, see bid prices and decide on a supplier.
  • Time-consuming fax and email enquiries are eliminated entirely. You only have to create your film products once and you can then insert them repeatedly into your bid invitations each time you wish to advertise for bids online.
  • Time-consuming fax and email orders are also eliminated as you can confirm price quotations from manufacturers directly on the platform.
  • And if at any time you want to call a film manufacturer directly? No problem! You can find out the contact details of the film manufacturers who have submitted bids in response to your bid invitation at any time.

Save time and money

2. Access to over 1,000 suppliers with no obligation

  • Simple access to over 1,000 film manufacturers in Europe who are registered on the database.
  • All the film manufacturers have been verified by the team.
  • Quickly and easily select the country or countries in which you would like to advertise bid invitations for your products.
  • You can see directly which companies have submitted bids in response to your bid invitation.
  • You can view any unknown suppliers who have submitted bids in response to your bid invitation on buypackaging. You can obtain information about the manufacturing range of the bidder, their annual capacity, number of employees, certification etc.*
  • You can then find out more information about the bidder by visiting their website or by calling the relevant film vendor directly. You will receive the relevant contact details as soon as a manufacturer submits a bid on*

Get to know new suppliers quickly and easily

3. It’s straightforward to use with existing suppliers

  • You can also use only with your existing suppliers if you wish
  • It is quick and easy to invite your suppliers to join and you can issue invitations to bid for your products solely to the group of suppliers who are known to you

Process bid invitations and quotation requests from your existing suppliers more efficiently

4. Get quick, clear price comparisons

  • On you can see manufacturers’ bid prices for your film products while your bid invitation is open and after it has closed.
  • You can then compare the bid invitation and product prices in the price comparison table, giving you a sound basis for making a decision on your film purchase.

Get to know new suppliers quickly and easily

5. Security you can rely on

  • ensures the security of its customer data by means of physical protection, data encryption, user authentication, application security and other measures.
  • With its secure infrastructure using the latest firewall protection, guarantees that your data is secure.
  • Your market competitors cannot see your bid invitation details! Only the manufacturers you have approved for your bid invitation can see your request.
  • Only you can see price quotations in response to your bid invitations.
  • Internet users who are not registered and verified with have absolutely no access to buypackaging bid invitations.

You can rest assured: your data is secure at!

6. Free for successfully concluded contracts

  • Platform registration and the creation and management of your film products are free of charge.
  • You pay no monthly fees for! There is no subscription contract or any other hidden costs!
  • If a bid invitation does not result in an order via buypackaging, a processing fee of 1.99 euro cent per kg (net price) is charged. If fewer than two manufacturers make an offer in response to your bid invitation, the bid invitation is free of charge for all parties concerned. Further information is available on the Terms and conditions page.
  • If you complete the film purchase via and decide on a supplier on the platform, the bid invitation is free of charge for you and the selected film supplier pays the fee.

If you use actively and complete your film purchases via the platform, you incur no costs!

7. No purchase obligation

  • At no time are you obliged to purchase the film products for which you have invited bids via
  • Even after carrying out your bid invitation, you can award a contract to a supplier by conventional means (by telephone, fax etc.).
  • Only when you have made a final decision on a supplier and have accepted his bid for delivery on does a binding purchase contract come into effect via the platform.
  • There are no restrictions placed on customers on, as is customary with film packaging representatives. You may, but are not required, to make direct contact with a bidder at any time and carry on direct negotiations. However, the bidder should register the final bid on and you should accept the offer on Only in this way does the service remain free of charge for you. does not want to tie you into adhesion contracts. We want to convince purchasers of film packaging of the versatility of the platform and the many advantages of purchasing via the platform. Give us a chance to convince you!