Terms and conditions

buypackaging is free to join for purchasers and suppliers of packaging materials. No cost is incurred by purchasers for registration or to create product specifications. Registration and the submission of offers are also free for manufacturers. For purchasers, a small usage fee is incurred only if they invite bids for products via buypackaging and do not choose any of the suppliers via the platform. If the supplier’s bid is accepted by the purchaser on buypackaging, the purchaser passes on the usage fee to the supplier. The bid invitation is then completely free for the purchaser.

Terms for purchasers

Registration Free
Creating a purchaser profile Free
Creating products Free
Creating bid invitations Free
Conducting bid invitations Free on placement of an order*

* If no order is placed for a bid invitation via buypackaging, a processing fee of 1.99 euro cent per kg (net price) is incurred.

Terms for suppliers

Registration Free
Creating a supplier profile Free
Viewing bid invitations Free
Submitting bids for bid invitations Free
Acceptance of an order via the platform 1.99 euro cent per kg (net price)

Bid invitation units such as linear metres, single items and square metres are converted into kilograms by buypackaging in order to calculate the processing fee.