How it works
Just 6 easy steps to your first buypackaging bid invitation

Register free of charge

1. Register free of charge

Enter your company details and register free of charge. verifies you and your company and activates your use of the platform.

Create film products

2. Create film products

You can create your film product specifications quickly and easily. Enter the basic information about the packaging film you require and upload your film specifications. Creating a film product only takes a few minutes!

Do your products have similar core properties and only differ in a few areas such as film width? If so, allows you to simply copy existing products and change this property on the newly copied product.

Create a bid invitation

3. Create a bid invitation

You can put a film product or several film products you have created on into a bid invitation. Enter the product quantity, type of delivery, delivery location and payment type. Then specify when your bid invitation will close, i.e. the deadline for manufacturers to submit offers in response to your bid invitation.

Now you just have to decide whether you want to invite only existing / known suppliers to bid or whether you want to open up your bid invitation to different countries and regions. currently has over 1,000 European film producers on its database of manufacturers.

Please note that only the selected group of suppliers or manufacturers can see your bid invitation on

Open a bid invitation

4. Open a bid invitation

You can open a bid invitation created previously with just one click und you will receive a confirmation email with all the bid invitation details for your records.

The bid invitation costs you 1.99 euro cent (net price) per kilogram of packaging film for which bids are invited. If you invite bids for products in linear metres, square metres or by the number of items, we convert it into kilograms for you in order to calculate the cost of the platform fee.

Please note that you will not be charged a platform fee if fewer than two suppliers submit a bid in response to a public bid invitation. If a bid is accepted via the platform, the manufacturer pays the platform fees.

Receive and compare bids

5. Receive and compare bids

Compare the bid prices of your selected suppliers / manufacturers on You will receive detailed information about the manufacturers and their contact details. Get a picture of suppliers you do not already know! You can get in touch with the manufacturers at any time using your preferred method of communication (telephone, fax, email, etc.).

Accept a bid and complete the purchase

6. Accept a bid and complete the purchase

Accept an offer from one of the suppliers who submitted a bid with just a few clicks on After selecting the supplier, you and the supplier receive a bid acceptance notification with all the relevant information via email. This represents the purchase contract. It is not necessary to send a separate order to the supplier by post or fax.

You incur no platform fee for a successfully completed bid invitation.