Packaging sales have never been this easy

With buypackaging you can

  • Find new customers and generate new revenues quickly and easily
  • Make full use of any seasonal surplus capacity
  • Easily save sales costs

Get started now free and try out buypackaging in just 5 steps

Jetzt kostenlos loslegen und buypackaging in nur 5 Schritten testen

1. Register

Enter your registration details (free)

2. Identify product quantities

Quickly and easily identify relevant product quantities (free)

3. Make bids

Submit a price quotation for the selected product quantities (free) → Your quoted price is only seen by the purchaser!

4. Acceptance of bids

Your bid offer is accepted (you only pay commission of 1.99 euro cent per kg (net price) if your bid is accepted)

5. Delivery

You deliver the goods under the agreed terms. Following the transaction via buypackaging, you are not obliged to carry out future business with your new customer via the platform. There are no adhesion contracts on buypackaging!

1. Free to use – you only pay if you receive an order

  • Registration and use of buypackaging is free
  • You pay just 1.99 euro cent (net price) per kilogram of film quoted for if your bid is accepted by the purchaser

Reduce your sales costs with buypackaging

2. It’s easy to find new customers and increase your sales potential

  • Following your free registration, you receive an overview of packaging requests
  • Identify the types and quantities of packaging relevant to you and submit a binding offer in just a few seconds

Increase your sales performance with buypackaging

3. No public price quotations

  • The prices you quote are seen only by the purchaser who placed the bid invitation for the product
  • Your competitors and other buypackaging platform users cannot see your prices

You only quote your prices to your purchasing contacts, just as you would normally do

4. No adhesion contracts

  • Buypackaging does not tie you into adhesion contracts with your newly gained customers or customers for whom you have quoted prices for products
  • You can do business with purchasers outside of at any time. There is no obligation at any time for you to communicate or give price quotations via buypackaging

The customers you gain or contact on the platform are not tied in to adhesion contracts by

5. Simplification of existing sales processes

  • buypackaging is as easy to use as other websites you visit every day.
  • You can log in from any computer and immediately give price quotations for products for which bids have been invited
  • Time-consuming fax and email offers and order confirmations are eliminated entirely.
  • And if at any time you want to call a film purchaser directly? No problem! You can find out the contact details of the film purchaser who is advertising for bids at any time.

Save time and money

6. Security you can rely on

  • ensures the security of its data by means of physical protection, data encryption, user authentication, application security and other measures.
  • With its secure infrastructure using the latest firewall protection, guarantees that your data is secure.
  • Your market competitors cannot see your quoted prices! Only the purchasers you provide quotations for can see your prices and contact information.
  • Internet users who are not registered and verified with have absolutely no access to buypackaging bid invitations